Hard Knock Broadcasting

I love the Swedish public broadcasting company’s website SVTPlay. A couple of weeks ago I spent the night watching a program called the Story behind the hit record (my clumsy translation from Hitlåtens historia). It’s six half an hour episodes on hit songs like In da club. The program is great. In it the journalists have interviewed artists, producers, composers, fans, music video directors and so on behind hit records. They even managed to interview The 45 king – you know, the guy behind the 900  number.

I especially liked the one with Jay-z. He actually seemed really nice. Maybe it was the fact that he was interviewed by a journalist from an obscure country like Sweden. Or that he got to talk about his music and not Beyonce. Or that it was a good day. Whatever the reason, usually he’s more… Hova. As he should. He’s Jay-z*.

I don’t understand why the Finnish public broadcasting company doesn’t do stuff like this: high-quality (pop-)culture journalism. Sure the network airs good imported material, but its own production is mostly “deep” stuff about Wagner and Stendahl or “light” stuff like Levengood Suomesta (It would take too long to explain).

I saw the episode a couple of weeks ago and can’t find it anymore, so here’s a similar clip posted on Hova’s own website:

*The last post was really a backhanded way of getting to write about Jay-z. If I could come back as a person I’d like to be Jay-z.

Maybe I should start blogging solely about Jay-z.


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  1. […] Beyonce is 12 years younger than Jay Z, who’s probably the only 40-year-old that can pull off dressing like a 20-year old and still look cool. But, I might be a bit biased. […]

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