South beach, bringing the heat

All my life I’ve thought diets are humbug, total nonsense, absolutely and utterly ridiculous. I still do. I believe in healthy eating habits.

A couple of days ago it happened. I actually considered going on one.

I’ve realized that it’s quite easy – and hypocritical – to discard diets when you don’t have a need for one. You have a totally different perspective when you actually want to lose weight.

I wasn’t a fat kid growing up. I was underweight according to BMI*. I was the skinny, tall, gangly kid in school. I had the luck of being one of those people who can eat almost anything and not gain weight. Since I graduated from high school, moved to my own place and started uni I have gained almost 10 kilos. I didn’t have time to (read: prioritize) exercise and I had anything but regular eating habits.

Then one day I realized something that, in retrospect, had been painfully clear for a long time: I wasn’t skinny anymore. I felt horrible that I had gained so much weight. I also felt horrible about feeling horrible. I am of perfectly normal size and weight. Granted, I could take up exercising again to get in better shape and improve my health, but on a conscious, intellectual level I knew that I don’t need to lose any weight at all.

I have taken up exercising again. Even though it kills me to say it, I also want to lose the weight I’ve gained. This brings me to the insane, absurd, hilariously tragic world of diets. Here’s a couple of things I’ve realized:

  1. Unbiased diet studies are hard to find (okay, you can say there is no such thing, but let’s take it another time, ok?). Even the government regulations are affected by the national food industry. The “official” food circle is in no way the only truth. (And then there are the studies that are sponsored by, say, Kraft Foods.)
  2. Low carb is not crazy. I know that this has been discussed to no end, but haven’t realized that there are sane people who say it’s healthy.
  3. Low carb-people can be really scary. They talk about low carb like it’s a religion and about ketosis like it’s Nirvana.
  4. Eating healthy is still the only sensible diet, but healthy can mean that your only carb-intake consists of vegetables, fruit and whole grain.
  5. I really should stop eating sugar. Cold turkey. Today.
  6. The road to orthorexia nervosa is paved with good intentions.

* According to the I Ching called Wikipedia, Body Mass Index was never designed for the thing we use it for: individuals. “BMI was explicitly cited by Keys as being appropriate for population studies, and inappropriate for individual diagnosis. Nevertheless, due to its simplicity, it came to be widely used for individual diagnosis, despite its inappropriateness”.


7 Responses

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  2. voj dig lilla sara!
    kom snart ti finland att leka med mig.
    när åker du till africa?

    • Slutet av maj, tror jag. Inte helt saker nar jag kommer hem, men fore det i varje fall 🙂

  3. vad? ska du inte besöka här?

    • Jo, klart jag ska. Kommer hem i slutet av april eller borjan av maj och aker till Afrika sedan i slutet av maj.

  4. har int pengar att resa dit! det skulle vara mer än siisti men kan int fara :/

    men ska vi resa tisammas nånstans på hösten?

  5. […] two years ago with me realising that I weigh more than I did when I was 16 and decided it was a good idea to try to aim to weigh that much […]

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