By the way

My So-Called Life had an episode called Pressure. See my point?

… is it just me, or are the kids in today’s teen-tv-series having sex like bunnies? I remember virginity being a huge topic in My So Called Life, Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210 and so on. I haven’t watched similar shows today in the same way as I did the earlier ones, but to me it seems like the characters in, say, Gossip Girl, have sex without it being an issue at all.

One one hand, this is good. I couldn’t stand the very special episodes about virginity and sex (This has a lot to do with my problems with, as I wrote earlier, The Ultimate Treasure). On the other hand, doesn’t this contribute to the everybody-else-does-it-pressure?

But what do I know, I haven’t seen enough shows to be sure.

They had a Like a Virgin-singalong in Glee’s Madonna-episode. At least someone upholds tradition.


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