Just call me Spicoli

Am baffled by my studies at the university. Have managed to get through a course in global economy in my studies in contemporary history by studying ridiculously little.

Now, I know that university studies are about taking responsibility and being independent. But I’m starting to realize that it doesn’t require that much effort to get through the studies. Granted, you can’t get through them with good marks but you get through them. Or at least I do.

The mode of assesment in the basic studies at the section of social science history are exams on course literature, so there are almost no lectures. In the course I’m talking about, for instance, the literature consists of three textbooks in economic history. They were all interesting, but since I have not even a basic grasp on economic principles they were pretty cumbersome to get through. The object of the course was, of course, to get a grasp of basic economic principles and the major economic developements in world history.

I don’t think I’ve reached the course objectives at all. I only read about half of the course literature because I started studying for the test too late. The questions in the test were all on sections of the books which I hadn’t read, but I thought I’d give the test a shot anyways. Note: I’m not very interested in economic news and I seldom read stuff about economic developements. I know I should, but I don’t. (Though I think it’s weird that the economy is regarded as a separate, indepentent unit of society, I don’t think it is one, but a integral part of world events.) Anyways, I looked forward to learning about it and the stuff I did learn was very interesting. I realy recommend one of the course textbooks, Consumerism in World History: The Global Transformation of Desire.

Even though I was motivated and interested in studying for the exam, I didn’t. To be honest, I was lazy and had more important things to do at the time. To my amazement, I got through the exam. I got bad marks on it, but I get the study points. To be clear: it’s totally my own stupidity that I waste my university studies in this way. I have the opportunity to apply myself and learn, but in this case I just didn’t.


How is it possible to get through a course with only the prior knowledge of the subject, which in my case in non-existant? Shouldn’t the exams be constructed in a way that prevents this? Because now that I’ve got throught it, even if it was with a bad grade, I’m expected to have reached the course goal at some level. I should have failed. It’s not very likely that I’ll take the test again to get a better grade, even though I’d like to. So now I have four study points, a bad grade and no insight in the global economy.

Maybe I’ll spend the afternoon learing schoolhouse rock songs. It seems as a just as good a way to learn as studying at uni.

Write it down: Will study for and ace my next exam. Will not waste my priviledged education. Or else I can just go ahead and say Aloha, Mr. Hand and move to Australia to get the tasty waves and cool buds.


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