This is it

I get to see The Strokes in July.

Just to write those eight words gives me chills.

To all of you who don’t understand where I’m coming from (or think this was soo last decade): I’ll explain. See, I think many people listened to the same stuff everyone else listened to when they were teenagers. At least I did. I listened to Spice Girls and watched hours and hours of MTV.

About the time when The Strokes’ Is this it came out I’d started to listen to more varied music and at least started to pretend that I had my own taste in music. I had discovered London Calling and Billie Holiday. I remember listening to Is this it and not being able to believe that new music could be that good. I was really blown away. It probably also helped that almost none of my friends listened to it. For a time I was oblivious to the fact that the band was probably the most hyped band of the century (and yes, I still have a crush on Julian Casablancas).

I think, however, that The Strokes deserved the hype. Is this it is one of the best albums, certainly of the decade, but maybe of all time. People call Is this it a world-changing moment for music. I don’t know about that, but hearing Is this it was a world-changing moment for me. I’ve been hooked since then. I adore Room on Fire. I love First Impressions of Earth.

There’s also something about the Strokes that, regardeless of the hype, is just so cool. They’re a bunch of rich brats from Noo Yawk who figure they want to be rock stars. And they turn out to actually be good. Better yet, they have a gigantic impact on music at the time. They were followed by hundreds of bands, but they were first. They brought back rock.

It sounds sappy and untrue, but writing about this now makes me remember what makes music so great and why I love it so much. It brings me back to when I was just discovering artists like Bowie, Brian Wilson and The Band. It also makes me remember that there are no “right” bands to listen to. It’s so sad that people put so much energy in listening to music that’s regarded as cool in some way (as in something nobody has heard of) without actually forming their own oponion about it.

I know it’s not cool to be so psyched about The Strokes now, it has probably not been cool since the The Modern Age EP came out. I don’t care. Their music makes me excited, energetic, rebellious. It makes me happy.

That is why I can’t believe that I actually get to see them play live. It doesn’t matter that I’m a bit anxious about going to a concert alone. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t got the final confirmation from the university in Melbourne. I’m going there anyway, if just too see The Strokes play.


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  1. Om du får Julian Casablancas får jag då Fabrizio Moretti? P.S. Megakade!

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