And this – is Ammmmerican…

For the record: when I thought about starting a blog I never thought I’d end up blogging about stuff like Glee and (wait for it) American Idol. But here I am, blogging about it.

This will ruin my rep.

Because I’ve rented my apartment to my big brother I’ve moved to my parents place for a month before I move to Melbourne. My parents have a tv (I don’t), and a couple of days ago, American Idol was on. I think we’re a bit behind here in Finland, but there were three guys left: a rocker with oh-so-dreamy hair, a rocker with oh-so-dreamy eyes and this cool hippy-dippy-folkey chick named Crystal Bowersox.

I couldn’t believe that someone like that made it to the top three in a show like Idol. She sang Melissa Etheridge and she has dreads. (And I know I shouldn’t write this, but she isn’t skeleton thin, either.) For whatever it’s worth, I hope she wins the thing. I don’t think she will because all the tweens will vote for the dreamy guys, but I think it’s cool that a person who seem as different as her (but what do I know, she might be as formatted as everyone else) can make it. At the same time, it’s ridiculous that things like her song choices and appearance can make her “different”.

Argh, I really shouldn’t write about stuff like this. I only end up putting my foot in my mouth. In writing.

Oh, and apparently Simon Cowell is leaving the show. Go figure.


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