Today it starts: season three of HBO’s True Blood.

Am very happy about it. In my humble opinion, True Blood is entertainment in the best possible sense of the word.

That being said, I have a love-hate relationship to the show. Though I’ve seen every episode, they have been very uneven. Though there are some fantastic characters, like Jason Stackhouse (“Guys, I read a book about this. This is the oral history of the zombie war!“), I have never gotten the psychic main character Sookie (or her vampire beau, for that matter).

The parallels to discrimination-America are so blatant it seems lazy, the writing is very uneven and it is more often the side storylines that get my attention than the main one.

Visually, True Blood is amazing. The title sequence alone makes the show worth watching. There have been some great plot twists, too. I especially liked the Dionysian sex rampage of last season. Yes, laugh it up – I don’t care. It was brilliant.

Hope Alexander Skarsgård gets more air time. Have discovered two things: am more of a (Nordic) nationalist than I ever imagined and have a very embarrassing tv crush.


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