Rhino 4-ever

Stumbled upon this Kate Harding-post through Julia Skott’s fantastic blog which instigated a very metaphysical discussion inside my head that I wont bore you with. Read what Kate writes instead:

I think it’s just possible that we’re supposed to be laughing at the poor fellow for his inability to be a unicorn, but I read it as incisive commentary on the fundamental heartbreak and futility of aspiring to an unattainable ideal. Note that the rhino is totally cute, in no way less cute than the unicorn. His only failing is in being a rhino instead. Augh! And my boyfriend wants to tell him that he’s fine how he is! Does it kill you or what? I just want to tear that poster down and coax him out to the open plains, where he can run freely, far from the oppressive eye of his impossible aspirational image. (With the speed of a rhino. They’re actually pretty great athletes! But you know, oh their poor joints etc. etc.)


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