Hop, skip and a 30-hour trip

Mikä maa, mikä valuutta?

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Arrived here yesterday evening after flying via Paris and Hong Kong.

Crazy trip. In Melbourne we got off on the wrong tram stop and had to walk a long way with our enormous bags. When we arrived to my apartment in St Kilda we couldn’t get the gate to open. So we just stood there, in the middle of the night, exhausted after the flight and not knowing what to do.

I ended up climbing the fence.

Inside, I realized what the Australians meant with saying the winter was freezing (to a Finn, a winter of 12 degrees sounds ridiculous). It’s just as cold inside as it is outside. I wish I was kidding. At home it can be cold as ice outside, but at least it’s warm inside. Crazy Australians, haven’t they heard of insulation?

Melbourne seems cool, though. I think I’ll like it here.

I just have to buy a heater.


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