Looking for Eric

One thing I love about flying is that it’s completely okay to do what I do most times anyway: watch film after film after film. I hear that it’s frowned upon in normal circumstances, but on long plane rides it’s normal behaviour.

On shorter flights where only one movie is shown, it’s usually something really bad. Random example: I saw Enchanted going to New York and regretted it for a long time.

However, on long flights you get to choose the films you watch, and the selection is usually quite all right. So, to come to my point after this long prelude, I saw Looking for Eric and you should, too. I liked it very much. Like other Ken Loach’s films it’s about real people in real places in more or less real circumstances.

In the film, a postal worker called Eric hates his life and has conversations with a poster of Eric Cantona. One day the real Eric Cantona appears and helps Eric the postman get his life on track.

There’s a wonderful scene in which one of the postal workers has read a self help-book and wants everyone to choose someone they look up to. While Eric chooses Cantona, the others say people like Sammy Davis Jr, Gandhi and Fidel Castro. It’s hilarious.


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