Chug chug chug

There’s this study (which I don’t remember that well, so give me some slack) where they tested people and told them that the test was about comparing people on the basis of gender. The result was that women tended to perform worse than men. When they didn’t say anything about the test, there was no difference.

(You probably know this better than me and are like “nooo, you got it so wrong”. That’s not the point.)

The same kind of thing is happening to me here in Melbourne. I start behaving like what’s expected of me. I hang out with people from so many countries and talk about the differences, I start to behave life a Finn (alternatively: stereotypical exchange student). Exhibit a: people already knowing me as the one that buys another beer just before we’re going to leave and chugs it.

This will be an interesting six months.


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