Am thriving here in Melbourne. Near my apartment there’s this record store that plays really good music at all hours of the night (so it seems, at least) which I hear through its open door when I walk past it. Have had long walks on the beach, though not with any charming gentlemen but with my swedish friend Malin, who’s awesome. She lives a couple of blocks from where I live in a big house that’s being invaded by Swedes.

I live with two roommates, a french guy and an irish guy. Together we’d make a good joke. You know, a Finn, a french guy and an Irishman… (apparently no Australians live in St Kilda, which is a bit of a con, I guess). I’ve had maybe three conversations with both because nobody wants to hang out in the common room where it’s freezing. The Irish one doesn’t believe in global warming. He told me this after I told him I’d be studying environmental journalism.

So far I love everything about being here. Above all, I love being able to take a break from all my responsibilities at home. The feeling of freedom is amazing. And I know I’m such an exchange cliché. I know I have responsibilities. I do remember that I’m here to study. I remember my Spicoli-rant. Just so you know.


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