On the topic of diligent, overachieving girls, Swedish journalist Julia Skott wrote an exellent post a few years ago about it regarding relationships (her blog is awesome overall, btw):

“It’s this thing about good girls. We are a bit hard to deal with. We like to get things our way. We are trying and demanding, we often work too much, have many interests and friends and things that take up our time. We like to have time for ourselves, read both crap and heavy theorists in the bath, have trilogy and tv-season marathons and lose three hours on the internet.

We are cynical, and even though we might give spray dates and blind dates a half ironic chance we stop soon enough. Because we know our probability theory. We know there are too few guys (or girls) we think are smart and funny enough, too few who appreciate people like us, and that the two groups don’t overlap often enough for there to be a big enough selection. […]

They say love comes when you least expect it. And what do I know, it’s possible that love stands and knocks on my door, that it bangs on the door and walks away while I’m watching The Wire and don’t hear it.”

Or, I should say, about a month ago this was very much what I thought. Owing to certain circumstances I don’t feel quite the same way anymore.


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