Big news*

Do you know why the big in The Notorious B.I.G. is written as an acronym? Is it an acronym? And for what?

That was not really what I was going to write about. I have big news.

I’m not going home in January. I’m staying in Australia for a few months. It’s so freakin’ scary and so freakin’ exciting.

It was my friend Ai’s idea. I talked about how much I like it here and how I don’t want to go home. I laughed when he said I should stay. I thought it was an impossible idea. The more I thought about it the less impossible it seemed.

Since I couldn’t work last summer and cannot work next summer (because I’m spending it in Namibia), taking a semester off my studies and working in Melbourne seems not only a good idea because I get to stay here, but also because I need the money. Yes, I have to actually go through the bureaucracy to take a semester off. I have to get a new visa. I have to figure out how to squeeze three semesters worth of studies into two.I’ll have to find a new apartment. Oh, and I need to find a job.

I’m positive I’ll figure it out, though.

Even though I’m scared, it feels like the right decision. Ask me again in February, after I’ve said goodbuy to my family and all my friends here (okay maybe not all, but many). That said, I think I’ll be all right then as well.

Already a few months ago I was dreading having to go home. It felt, and feels, like I’ve been here a few weeks rather than months. I miss my friends and family, but I don’t really miss Finland that much. As you know, I miss Helsinki a bit.

Oh, and I really miss salty liquorice (the Finnish kind, with ammonium chloride). I’ve already asked my mom to bring some when we go to Bali together in January.

*Ok, for many this is not news. Many might not consider this big either (more like expected).


2 Responses

  1. 😀

    Vad spännande! Genialisk idé. Plus att det kanske betyder att jag får sällskap på redigeringskursen nästa vår..? Om du inte hinner hitta på nåt annat innan dess förstås…

    Saknar dig ända hit till novemberslaskiga Karelen. KRAM!

    • Yep, det får du! Inte bara av mig, utan också Joanna och Lena. Yeah, baby, yeah 🙂

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