Day 10 and 12: February

Last month, I found an apartment and a job. I now work and live in North Melbourne.

Since I used to live and study on the south side of the city, the northern suburbs are totally foreign to me. This is something I would not have believed before I moved to Melbourne. You have to live here to understand how big the city is.

That said, I’ve only lived in the inner city. Although last semester I had to travel (yes, travel) 1,5 hours to Berwick once a week, so I have a glimpse of the vastness of Melbourne.

I now work in a great little cafe near my apartment. Many of the customers are regulars that come in almost every day. It’s nice. Among them are a few guys from the North Melbourne football team. It’s funny how the cafe fills up with a bunch of fit, two-meter tall football players who order chicken or lamb salads and skinny lattes.

Since apparently I cannot go on living in Melbourne without choosing a team, I guess it has to be North Melbourne.


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